Friday, May 30, 2008

You Too Videos

The G-man likes his You Tube. He now comes to our bedroom every morning, bounds onto the bed where I'm working on something with the computer and makes his demand. "I want to see the You Too videos. I want Lego Star Wars. I want the Irish dancers."

He really wants the Irish dancers, only it's not what you think. Sadly, what he means is below. This from the guys who brought you Wallace and Gromit, so wonderful. They also created these two little blobs called, Purple and Brown. Sammie-bammie loves them, too. She calls them "the guys who laugh." The G-man now draws them obsessively at school, and we have to watch two to three of these every morning, including the one lovingly named, "the burping and farting one" and "the one about the bird poop," or "the one where rocks fall down on their heads." Okay, you get the idea, here. This one is the Irish dancing, which G sometimes calls "the step dancing one."

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