Thursday, May 8, 2008

Student Success Story

I just got word that a former student, someone who took my Six Weeks, Six Essays class at Grub Street, submitted a short piece from the class to The Sun, and it was accepted. It will run in the "Reader's Write" section of an upcoming issue.

It's so hard to write, to submit, to open up thin envelopes to find teeny preprinted rejections inside. Just hearing about someone's success brings a huge high, at least to me. This is one of the most prestigious literary journals in the country, and her acceptance letter arrived via special delivery. 

To use a cliche, I am over the moon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the inspiration.I enjoy your site and wanted to share with others, so I put you on my tag list. Play if you want to.
I'm looking forward to having as much fun with my little one as you have with your kids.