Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ancient Roman Boyfriends

Just finished listening to the Emperors of Rome series of lectures from the Teaching Company (nerd alert!) in mile two of this morning's run and moved right into the first of 48 lectures on the History of Ancient Rome. Earlier this spring I listened to Great Battles of the Ancient World, all by the same lecturer. I waved my iPod at Larry, who was on the treadmill next to me and said: "This guy is pretty much my boyfriend by now." I don't even use the lecturer's name (Garrett Fagan, Irish intellectual). He's just this guy who lives in my iPod and says wildly droll things about deceased despots. Larry knows who I mean. He knows a lot more about me these days now that he's at home. We even work out together every day, which is either sickening or really cute. Hard to tell which.
"What is it with you and the Irish," Larry asked without breaking stride. "If I started drinking heavily and stopped bathing and brushing my teeth, would you be into me, too?"
"Don't know," I said. "Can you do the accent?"

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