Monday, May 5, 2008

Astronauts and Weebles

Last weekend Somerville hosted its Open Studios event for local artists. It was a rainy and cold weekend, perhaps the last bad weather of the season, and not so many folks were out touring. Luckily, my mother-in-law lives next door to an artist, Jason Chase, one who likes to serve cookies and freshly made popcorn during Open Studios. My children can eat their body weight in popcorn. And did. He is also generous with balloons when little kids come calling. He has an entire series of Weeble paintings (as above), and lots of suburban landscapes, strip malls and the like. 

He shared space during Open Studios with his friend, Scott Listfield, who does astronaut paintings. There is one of an astronaut standing at a urinal, an astronaut crossing an intersection. My favorite is the astronaut sitting on an iceberg. Behind him are three fast food signs. Most little boys go for the painting of the astronaut at the laundromat. Below he's in a scene stolen from Planet of the Apes, sort of.

And here's another Weeble painting from Jason. Oil on canvas. Can't resist it.

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Grace T said...

I love the Weebles. Thanks for posting them.