Friday, May 2, 2008

Broadway Bowls!

The story about Broadway actors and stagehands in their Thursday night beer league will finally run,I think, this Saturday on Only a Game. Locally, the show starts at 7a.m., on WBUR (90.9 FM), but the story will probably run in the final segment, starting around 7:45. Luckily, there's a podcast, too, usually posted a day or so after the show airs.

It should run, unless some unforeseen sports-related emergency develops between now and then. Among those quoted in the story are two actors from the Seafarer, Ciaran Hinds (what a lovely man he is) and Sean Mahon (tall, cute, mentioned Bulgaria at least once). Would have loved to quote Conleth Hill (left, more on him later) but he hates microphones. No, seriously. Famous stage actor. Brilliant. Nice guy. Decent bowler. Won't talk about himself. What can you do? At the very end of the night, at 2:30 a.m., when it was time for them to go home and for me to make the trek through Times Square back to my hotel room, Hill said, "I'm sorry. Put a microphone in front of me and I look like a dog that's been told to take a bath."

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