Sunday, June 15, 2008


We arrived at "vacation" yesterday, which is what the kids call any time away from home. The term denotes any place in which we stay, any hotel, any inn, and any beach we visit. We got to Cape Cod, or The Cape of Cod, as the kids call it, mid-afternoon and soaked up the last few hours of sunshine. Today, alas, has been rainy and quite cold. Sammie and G got a swim in late yesterday afternoon, despite the fact that the mommie person forgot to pack the kids' swimsuits.

We are sequestered here tonight, far away from television, meaning no Celtics game and no Tony awards. How will we survive. We'll hope for a win for the Seafarer, playwright and one of two cast members, and we'll root for the big green. Larry is trying to figure out how to get streaming video of the game, and he thinks there's some way to find a pirated broadcast. It will probably be in Hindi or Portuguese, but he won't care. I'm not as resourceful about the Tony Awards.

I think it's a function of the modern world that we're staying in a cabin with no TV, no phone,no heat, no working toilet or shower to speak of...and yet it has wifi.

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