Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Ronstadt

My friend Jack had a birthday last month (and anniversary, same day) and I bought him The Very Best of Linda Ronstadt as a gift. It's such a good album that I bought one for myself, too. Welcome back to the 70s, huh?

Next day, he wrote me a note saying, "You may not know this seeing as how you were being musically waterboarded by John Denver in the 70s, but every song on the album you gave me was a mega hit."

He then went on to describe how Linda Ronstadt's "Blue Bayou" was the only song to become a hockey joke. I'll let him tell it: 

"At a Bruins practice, 3rd liner Andy Brickley beat Hall of Fame defensman Ray Bourque with some sort of pond hockey move. Brick turns to Bourque and says: Got you with my Linda Ronstadt. Blew by you."
Yes, Jack has a story about everything. And his hockey novel, Saved, is full of funny stories and one liners like this. Perfect beach read. I highly recommend it.

And...and...although he will kill me for doing this, you can watch a video of him at a Barnes & Noble reading by clicking here.

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Jack Falla said...

Hi, Michelle...don't know how you do that video trick but thanks for the effort and for plug of SAVED. Caught a break couple of days ago when this network of NHLhockey blogs and fan websites ran a Q&A with me re: Saved which the editor actually enjoyed.
Beach Bag book for beach bag is -- no joke -- an old Bauer skates hockey bag.