Thursday, June 19, 2008

Vacationland II

Even when you're on vacation, the world goes on. I've learned that my favorite actor (Jim Norton) won a Tony Award last Sunday as best featured actor in a play--for the Seafarer. Here he is looking handsome and dedicating his award to his cast-mates. Very classy.

Also, there was something about a basketball championship. I'm fuzzy on the details, though. In the wake of this event, if that's what we're calling it, there were 22 arrests in Boston for excessive public partying (also known as vandalism) and general mayhem. Glad we're here instead.

The G-man lost a tooth on Tuesday, which is the real headline by my lights. It has been loose for a while, and then he just reached in there and yanked the sucker out. That's my boy. First question, while the blood was still wet on his lip was this: Is the tooth fairy real or fake? Okay, now this is moxy. I wanted to say to him: buddy, I'm with you. It's a total fabrication, but please, let the adults have our fun. Also, he was hoarding the damn tooth, putting it back in his mouth and yanking it out again. Acting it out in the mirror. He was seriously going to choke on it or swallow it. By the end of the day, I was willing to tell any number of lies to get the thing out of his hand. Yes, my friend, the tooth fairy is so freaking real. Please, you gotta believe me. And his response was this: Is it a girl? And she goes under my pillow? Why would anyone do that? Won't she wake me up? I'm thinking: kid, your IQ is a burden to us all.

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