Friday, March 14, 2008

Names and Faces

So, the phone rang this morning and it was a friend of mine calling from work to say that she found the book deal mentioned in the Globe. It's in the section usually reserved for Tom Brady and Matt Damon sightings. And chefs. All chefs get mentioned in this section of the paper, in bold face. Poor Boston. Our winters are long and we run on a bit of a celebrity deficit. 

(Which is why the doings of suburbanite authors can sometimes sneak in under the radar.) 

My co-author called and said, "I feel like a dancing bear." To which I said, "Honey, you haven't even begun to dance. Wait 'till you're hawking this book at a PTA meeting in Canton." And, p.s., stop dancing. We've got writing to do.

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kt said...

And here it is online (third item down). You're a rock star! Woo!