Friday, March 7, 2008

Have You Met My Son, the Writer?

This came home from kindergarten yesterday. The G-man was sent into computer lab with his little kindergarten cohorts and told to work on a story. Stories are big in kindergarten, apparently, along with counting to 100, and blowing your nose instead of picking it.

So, here's what he wrote on the computer. According to his teacher, he's the only one in class who actually told a whole story. The spellings are phonetic, I'll translate in parens when necessary.

onts (once) thair was a kide named garret
he onted (wanted) to mack L (his school name) a mese (mess) 
he had 10'000 gards (guards) 
1 day an asdroayd (asteroid) fell on L
every gard was happy
thee end

That's my boy. Beginning, middle and end. Take that, you nose pickers. Of course, it's slightly dark and destructive in quality, as we've seen in his play at home. His teacher wanted (onted) to talk about it in conference after. But, even she had to admit that it had story structure. And when she read it out in class, she got the number of guards wrong. She said 1,000 guards and the G-man was up out of his seat in a flash. No, no, it's ten thousand.

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