Monday, July 21, 2008

Donut Crap

Yesterday was a scorcher. Late in the afternoon, we all found ourselves lolling in the kiddie pool and watching the approaching storm clouds. Larry went inside the house and emerged a few minutes later holding a fistful of almonds, with predictable results. Sammie asked to try some, then the G-man said, "What are you eating?"

Rolling his eyes, Larry said under his breath, "Dog crap." G perked right up. "What? Donut crap? What's donut crap? I want some donut crap, too."

I shot Larry the spousal glare of death, but he just smirked. G wouldn't give it up. "What does donut crap taste like? Please? Please can I try some?"

I pinned Larry with another glare. I may even have cocked a finger gun at his face and said, "Bang." 

Larry said, "He doesn't know what crap means." To which I said, "That's why he'll say it indiscriminately." This made Larry sigh. Then he handed G the rest of his almonds. Whether it was an act of penance or an attempt at distraction is hard to say. But it worked.

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